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Online/Mobile Banking Upgrade Completion

We recently completed an online and mobile banking upgrade to make your banking experience easier and more convenient.

Beginning Tuesday, August 24th, the upgrade will begin to roll out to iPhone users. Android users will have to download a new mobile banking app to install the upgrade. Just search for “Fort Financial” in Google Play. Online banking will be automatically updated at that same time.

Signing in

On your first time signing in after the upgrade, you will use your existing username and password and complete a few authentication steps. This will include a security code being sent to you via email or phone. You will be asked to create a new password, but it can be the same as your existing password.

Existing features

All of your existing bill pay and transfers will still be there. However, any security and/or accounts alerts you currently have set up will need to be set up again. The upgrade will feature additional options to help you monitor your account as closely as you want.

New features

You can now initiate member-to-member transfers, activate debit and credit card controls, aggregate accounts from any financial institution and set and monitor savings goals right within online and mobile banking.

We encourage you to explore within online and mobile banking to familiarize yourself with the new layout and all of the expanded features.

If you have any questions, visit our Online and Mobile Banking FAQ, contact us at (260) 432-1561 or stop by your nearest Fort Financial branch.

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