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Fees and Disclosures

Online Access

1If closed and sent to Collections for balance due

2For Standard and Interest Checking Accounts: Debit cardholders can make 5 free PIN transactions per month. After you reach your 5 free PIN transactions in a month, there is a $1 fee for each subsequent PIN transaction. Transactions include: ATM withdrawals, balance inquiries and purchases made with your debit card authorized by using your PIN. Escape all transaction fees associated with your debit card purchases by selecting “CREDIT.” Fort Financial Credit Union-owned ATMs are always free.

3For Access Checking Accounts: Debit cardholders have no limit on the number of free PIN transactions per month. Transactions include PIN-based debit card transactions, balance inquiries and withdrawals. Out-of-network ATM fees still apply. Fort Financial-owned ATMs are always free.

The above fee schedule is an overview of member account fees. Please refer to the current Truth-in-Savings disclosure for more specific disclosure information regarding your account.