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Stay Safe at the ATM

Authored By: Tyler Stevenson on 9/19/2023

Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are a convenient way to access your funds using your debit card. That convenience also appeals to crooks. For that reason, it’s important to learn how to access your funds safely and protect them from being accessible by others.

Every year, thieves steal millions of dollars from consumers by “skimming” their personal account information. Skimming involves a thief installing a magnetic card reader, or skimmer, over the actual card reader at an ATM or gas pump. When you swipe your card, the skimming device steals the information from the magnetic strip and transmits it to a remote computer.

Some skimming devices have cameras and overlay touchpads to capture your PIN. Other devices, called “shimmers,” are as thin as paper and can be inserted into the card slot to clone the magnetic strip. Not surprisingly, the technology keeps evolving and it’s difficult for law enforcement to stay ahead of it.

To avoid becoming a victim of ATM theft, follow these tips:

Check your account often. If you notice unusual activity, contact us immediately at 260.432.1561.

For more information on how Fort Financial protects its members and steps you can take to keep your accounts secure, please visit our security page or our Financial Resource Center.

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