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Safeguard Your Finances with Our Fraud Prevention Tips

Authored By: Tyler Stevenson on 4/4/2024

In our ongoing commitment to your financial safety, Fort Financial is dedicated to providing you with valuable insights on how to protect yourself from potential financial fraud. While fraud is a year-round challenge, being informed and vigilant can significantly reduce the risk to your financial well-being.

Keep Your Personal Information Secure:

Regularly Monitor Your Accounts:

Use Strong Passwords:

Beware of Phishing Attempts:

Install Security Software:

Secure Your Mobile Devices:

Educate Yourself:

If you ever suspect fraudulent activity on your account, please call our Contact Center immediately at 260.432.1561Our dedicated team is available to assist you. Remember, your security is our top priority. By adopting these practices into your financial routine, you contribute to creating a safer financial environment for yourself and others.

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