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Fortifying Lives: From Dana Corp. to Fort Financial

Authored By: Tyler Stevenson on 12/8/2023

Fort Financial Credit Union began fortifying members over three-quarters of a century ago on December 9, 1946, when members of Salisbury Axle came together to apply for a credit union charter for their Fort Wayne plant. That charter was approved on February 5, 1947 and it’s been our mission to fortify their lives of our members ever since.

While our name has changed (Salisbury Axle FCU, Dana Corporation FCU and Fort Financial) and branches have come and gone, our mission has remained the same: to become our members’ trusted financial advisors.

Fort Financial still maintains an active presence in the Fort Wayne Dana plant. With every new hiring class at the plant, a member of our staff takes the time to talk about the history of the credit union, the benefits of opening an account with Fort Financial, and how we can serve them throughout their financial journey.

New Hire Orientation

Dana is just one of over 300+ businesses and organizations that are Select Employer Groups, or SEGs, of Fort Financial. We partner with organizations large and small to provide their employees access to the full range of financial products and services that help them save time and money while providing peace of mind. It goes beyond just opening an account though, as we provide financial education programs to help our members at every point of life.

We make it a point of emphasis to be on hand for employee events, including the annual retiree luncheon, employee picnic and holiday toy drive. As “people helping people” we stive to give back and enrich the communities where our members live, work and worship.

Retiree Luncheon

Dana Holiday Toy Drive


Fort Financial is proud to serve the employees of Dana Corporation along with their families, and we look forward to the next 75 years of serving them. Learn more about becoming a member of Fort Financial here.

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