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Churubusco Turtle Days: A Timeless Tradition

Authored By: Amy Haller on 7/1/2023

Being founded and headquartered in Northeast Indiana, Fort Financial is deeply committed to serving the residents of our region and supporting our local communities. Our Churubusco branch is proud to once again partner with the Turtle Days Festival to bring some exciting events to Whitley County.

Laughter, smiles, and traditions were all part of Turtle Days Festival 2023! The Churubusco Turtle Days Festival, held every year at Churubusco Community Park, was full of fun, food, and fireworks! Churubusco is known as Turtle Town, USA, for the legendary hunt of Oscar the Turtle, better known as the “Beast of Busco.”

This year marked the 73rd anniversary of the festival, the longest running festival in the state of Indiana. The four-day festival is a wonderful way for the community to get together to create memories while sharing their culture and history with our surrounding areas. Fort Financial has been a long-time supporter of Turtle Days and we are thrilled to support this amazing community event year after year. Our Churubusco branch staff always looks forward to getting together with our community members and showcasing the wonderful world of Turtle Town, USA.

The festival was packed full of exciting events celebrating joy, togetherness, and happiness. With timeless traditions like the Turtle Races and Baby Crawling contest, the majestic beauty of Miss Turtle Days pageant and mouth-watering smells of Oscar’s Junk Food Alley, along with music, games, and rides, there is something for every person (or turtle) at Turtle Days.

At the start of the festival a new statue was dedicated to Chief Little Turtle, a Miami tribal chief who became one of the most famous Native American military leaders during the 18th century before negotiating a peace settlement for his people in the early years of the United States. Born in Churubusco and living his entire life in the area, his statue now sits at the corner of State Road 205 and U.S. Highway 33, just a stone’s throw northeast of our branch.

We are all already looking forward to Turtle Days Festival 2024! Get ready to spend time with friends and loved ones at this spectacular celebration!

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