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5 Easy Savings Tips for the Holidays

Authored By: Jessica Menor on 11/1/2023

The holidays are just around the corner, and there’s a whole heap of things that are going to appear on your to-do list soon! It probably seems like your stress level keeps rising while the money in your wallet keeps dwindling. It doesn’t have to be this way. With a bit of planning, you can enjoy a stress-free and affordable holiday season. Don’t believe us? Well, continue reading to find out how.

Clear the clutter for cash

Before the holidays, browse your closets for clothing in good condition you no longer wear. Sell these on resale sites (Facebook Marketplace, eBay, etc.) or at a local consignment shop (ex. Plato’s Closet). You’ll make room for any incoming gifts and give your holiday budget a little wiggle room at the same time.

Shop small businesses

Avoid crowds and enjoy a wider selection of gift items by shopping small businesses this holiday season. Independently-owned stores are more likely to be fully stocked, and you might even score a great find if you do your shopping early. As a bonus, you’re more likely to land unique gifts, and you’ll be helping local businesses stay afloat during these trying economic times.

Suggest a Secret Santa exchange

If the gift shopping is getting to be a bit much, consider cutting back by suggesting a Secret Santa gift exchange. You’ll only need to buy one gift instead of one for everyone in an entire group, and the surprise factor makes it fun.

Shop during non-peak hours

Peak business hours, which start in the early afternoon and run until evening, will have the biggest crowds and emptiest shelves. If you can get to the store early in the day, you’ll enjoy a full selection that you can peacefully browse before crowds show up. Stress-free shopping also means you’re more likely to make responsible spending decisions. Win-win!

Take advantage of Free Shipping Day

Free Shipping Day is December 14th this year. Hundreds of stores offer free shipping with no minimum order, plus other special deals. If you prefer to buy most — or all — of your gifts online, buying them online on Free Shipping Day can save you lots of money.

For some people, trying to restrain their spending can suck all the joy and magic out of this special time of year. By limiting the amount you spend, you can re-focus your holidays less on material things and more on special experiences. In other words, a holiday on a budget can actually be a more magical, memorable one than a wild spending spree.

It's never too late to start savings for the holidays. Whether you want to do some last-minute saving for this year or start planning for next year, visit or stop by one of our branches to learn more about a Christmas Club savings account.

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