Online and Mobile Banking FAQ

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How do I access online banking?

From the Fort Financial Credit Union homepage, input your existing username and click Proceed. If you are new to online banking, select New User Registration to enroll.

How do I download the Mobile Banking app?

Fort Financial’s mobile banking app is available in both the App Store for iPhones and in Google Play for android phones.

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Apple iPhone Google Play Store

What is my username and password?

Your username and password combination is just one way Fort Financial helps ensure your account security. Once you download the app or visit our homepage, click on “New User Registration.” You will be able to select a username and password. Please note: Usernames cannot exceed 20 characters.

Passwords must contain:

  • 8-15 characters
  • at least 1 uppercase letter
  • at least 1 number
  • at least 1 special character such as !, $ or ?

How do I configure Touch ID Login in the mobile banking app?

From the log in screen, move the slider for Enable Touch ID Authentication.

What if I forget my username and password?

Select “Forgot Username or Password” on the sign-on screen.

Why am I prompted for a security code?

The Fort Financial mobile app utilizes out-of-band authentication. When you attempt to access your account from an unrecognized device, you will be prompted to select to receive a security code through the phone number or email address associated with your account. This extra layer of security is meant to verify your identity and protect you from fraudulent attempts to gain access to your account information.

Where can I find the terms and conditions?

You can view the Mobile Banking Terms and Conditions on our website.

How do I enroll in eStatements?

You can enroll in eStatements within online and mobile banking. Select “Statements and Notices” to enroll in or out of eStatements.

How do I view my eStatements?

You can view your eStatements within online banking. Select “Statements and Notices” to access your account eStatements.

Using Online Loan Origination

How do I apply for a loan from mobile/online banking?

You can apply for a loan right from online and mobile banking. Select “Apply for a Loan” to be directed to the online loan application. It will walk you through opening a new loan step-by-step.

General Information

What is the mobile app?

Fort Financial’s mobile app is a free application designed for iPhone, and Android.

Are online banking and mobile banking secure?

Yes, online banking and mobile banking are secure and use a number of the same security features, such as HTTPS and 128-bit SSL encryption. In addition, a username and password combination is needed to access both online banking and the mobile app.

Is my account information stored on my phone or computer?

No compromising data or account information is stored on your device. Please note, that if you have auto login configured on your mobile phone and it gets stolen or lost, someone can open the FFCU app on the phone.

Do I need a data plan to use the mobile app?

The Fort Financial mobile banking app does require an Internet connection to access your account information. Some devices can access the Internet through wi-fi or a data plan through your wireless provider. Please check your device for connectivity options or wireless carrier for specific data plan availability and fees. SMS rates may apply.

Technical Support

What if I get a new phone?

You will need to visit your new phone’s app store and download the mobile banking app to your new phone.

Where is the mobile banking app on my phone?

The download destination of the mobile banking app can vary between devices and carriers. Please check your device’s manual or carrier for guidelines about your specific device.

You can also call us at (260) 432-1561 or stop by one of our branches.